Best basmati rice brands in India.

1. Kohinoor basmati rice



Kohinoor Super Value Basmati Rice

  • Authentic Basmati Rice for everyday meal
  • Super Value
  • Superior Cooking
  • Superb Basmati Taste
  • Ideal for everyday dishes like steam rice, jeera rice, khichdi or pulao 

 2. Dawat basmati rice


  • Original Basmati nourished by snow-fed rivers of the great Himalayas.
  • Budget Friendly - Low on price, high on quality.
  • Easy to cook - firm and fluffy, the shorter grain don't break while stirring

3. Lal Qilla basmati rice


4. Fortune basmati rice


  • Enticing aroma
  • Suitable for all recipes
  • Hygienically packed

5. India Gate basmati rice


  • West
  • Used finest quality basmati
  • Suitable for all food
  • Best for daily use

6. Shreelalmahal basmati rice

  • Extra Long Grain with Finest Aroma and Delicious Taste
  • Minimal sugar, Fat and Cholesterol for Healthy Living
  • Treated and Processed with Love to delight your "Loved ones"!
  • It has all attributes that has made basmati rice famous around the world
  • Aged for more than Two Years 


7. Vedaka basmati rice


8. Amira basmati rice

9. Sungold basmati rice


10. Fortune

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