Glen 4043 Turbo Electric Vegetable Chopper Twin blade with 4 Cutting Edges

  • 2 Years Warranty 

  • Compact 500ml capacity 

  • Food Grade Transparent PC bowl for clear visibility 

  • Twin chopper blade with 4 cutting edges 

  • Push Starter, Whisking disc for egg whites , 4 flow breakers, capacity marking 


    Product description

    The Glen 4043 Turbo Chopper with twin blades and 4 cutting edges reduces the processing time by at least 30%. It's compact size makes it easier to store. you can chose to use one or both the blades as per requirement. it also has a whisking disk butter churning or beating eggs for frothy batters. The non slip ring ensures that the chopper does not shift during operation. The rust resistant stainless steel blades has long life.



    Large size

    500 ML polycarbonate bowl gives you good working capacity for your needs. 4 Flow breakers provided to make the cutting actions more efficient.

    Food grade Polycarbonate bowl

    The break-resistant, transparent bowl is made up of food grade material to retain the freshness and flavour of all your preparations.


Rust-resistant Twin SS Chopping blade

Twin chopper blade with 4 cutting edges for faster results. Saves 30% of the chopping time.

Whisker disc

Whisker Disc for frothy batters, egg beating, creams or moose, mayonnaise, cocktails or churning butter.

Anti-Skid base for maximum stability

The non-slip ring prevents the chopper from slipping and also makes the base sturdy, reducing vibrations in operation.

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