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H Hy-tec (Device) 1.5 ft Slim 30 Watt Automatic Electric Pest Control, Mosquito, UV Tube Insect Killer Repellent Machine

H Hy-tec (appliance) 1.5 thin feet 30 watt automatic automatic pest control, mosquitoes, UV device for pesticide breeding

Instructions, removal and immediate and powerful control: This device emits a good wavelength, which has been scientifically proven to be very attractive to insects, as it falls within the wavelength of natural viewing. It is not possible to contact the light source such as flies, mosquitoes, mites and any other insect flying; They are instantly attracted and disturbed.
Natural chemical-free pest control: The pests are attracted and easily killed by high-voltage metal grids, keeping your home free from chemical sprays. Stop exposing your family and yourself to harmful chemicals. This electric detonator or insecticide is the ideal ideal choice for chemical pest / pest control.
Safe: The counterfeit screen protects you and your family, preventing accidental contact with the electrical network. The external network protects humans from touching networks.
Simple installation: Hang the indoor electronic insect killer by attaching it to the top of the unit with a hook or simply placing it on a hard surface.
Ideal for all indoor environments: Exceptionally for use in every home area as well as commercial locations such as hospitals, workplace areas, restaurants, kitchens, warehouses, factories, food stores, butcher storage, hospitals, and retail stores are safe and secure.

From the Supplier Registry:

H Hy-tec Insect Killer is used in every home area as well as hospitals, workplace areas and commercial locations such as restaurant kitchens, warehouses and retail stores to be exceptionally safe and secure. Any pesticides / chemicals / odors, safe for children and not for health. Pregnant women and pets. Silent for sleep, you can only hear "Beezage" too small. When the insect flies to a detonator, you will love this sound, because boring lesions eventually burn. No flashing, no harm to our eyes.

It is only broken resistance, and looks elegant and simple! The best mosquito killer can be used in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and more!

It is a ship with UV lamps specially designed to attract flying insects.


- A protective cage to prevent accidental contact with the network by people or pets.

- A washable tray for collecting dead insects.

- A strong electronic network.

Designed for indoor use: living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, attached garage, cafe, restaurant, store, office, hospital, etc.

Excellent, energy-saving and energy-saving.

About the brand

H Hy-tec, a brand of kitchen appliances, started nearly a decade ago. H Hy-Tec delivers quality products to your home. We develop and market a wide range of home and kitchen products. Our diversified range spans the common thread of excellent design and superior quality. Over the years, we have earned a good reputation for bringing the world's best into the homes of people who have a distinct eye for quality and design. We have a wide range of home and kitchen products. The company was at the forefront of innovation and was the fastest growing company in the field of kitchen appliances.

Strong insect control
It is the most powerful insect killer on the market. He dared to compare our competitors with weak and ineffective Zappers. Hy-tec insect killer aims to eliminate all harmful flying pests and prevent you from spending another penny on insect repellent or other pest control products.

The H-Tech insect killer is also relatively quiet, ensuring a good night's sleep. And with a loose crushed mesh object outside, it proves to be very safe for a place where you have children or pets.

Immediate insect killer
I am tired of fighting flying insects and swallowing flies. Chemical pest control is not only expensive, it is very dangerous for your health. Stop using expensive chemical products and rule out toxic fumes and volatile particles that stay in your airways and calmly hurt. This is the best natural way to control pests.

Dead insect tray

Removable tray washable to collect dead insects.
Washable plastic trays under the unit to collect dead insects.
When the assembly tray gets dirty, turn off the machine, remove the tray, remove worms, wash, dry, and replace them.
Safe and low maintenance
This smart insect killer does not require maintenance. Just install it and keep your peace of mind, knowing that no harmful errors will come to you.
H Hy-tec Electric Insect Killer is covered with a protective net to prevent your children and pets from touching it.
The detachable mesh design allows you to replace bulbs even further.

Natural and chemical pest control

Stop exposing your family and yourself to harmful chemicals. This electrical stabilizer is a real chemical-free pest control option, and is safe to use in every indoor environment with a heavy floating pest problem.

Rotate the bulbs to allow the lamp base to meet and remove the hole, and replace it with a new one, and then rotate the pairs to ensure that the new bulbs are in place as the bulbs tightly connect with the owners.

Cage protection feature

Protective cage to prevent accidental contact with the network by people or pets
The grid screen protects you and your family, preventing accidental connection to the electrical network.
Silent and energy efficient.
Satisfaction guarantee
As a trademark, H Hy-tec guarantees the full satisfaction of our customers in purchasing our products. You will have a good shopping experience.

H Hy-tec performs best value-based business as a brand that gu
arantees your satisfaction

made in India
Made in India product
H Hy-tec Insect Killer was developed according to the concept of Make in India. As a brand, H Hi-Tech believes that the Make in India program is very important for India's economic growth as it aims to leverage the existing Indian talent base, create additional job opportunities, and the secondary and tertiary sector to empower.

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