Powerful Electric Fly Insect Trap - Mosquito and Fly Catcher

Powerful Electric Fly  Insect Trap - Fly Catcher, 20W Insecticide Control System Suitable for ndore IHome - Shop - Office - 2 Years Warranty

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Effectively includes: flies, mites, and insects that fly with two special lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation and kill them instantly with very strong coverage and the Lara region - designed to spread light in all four directions of action, and are therefore highly effective. Large area of ​​6,500 square feet! Ideal for home, office, kitchen, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc. or for commercial and industrial use. Protects you from pains and diseases that carry flies and insects!

Electric fly killer 

Safe and Clian - There are two catchy loops, designed for high suspension to keep kids and pets out of reach, or to be stand alone. Dead insects accumulate in the deep trays under the unit, which can be removed easily for cleaning and disposal of insects. Safe to work 24/7. Self-cleaning electric grid facility; No cleaning required.

Electronic insect killer

Simple installation: Hang the indoor electronic insect killer by attaching it to the top of the unit with a hook or simply placing it on a hard surface.

Easy to copy: The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit collects dead, washable pests to make maintenance quick and simple. Self-cleaning electricity grid.

Ebug zapper

The WANTRN detonator and fly killer features two 10W high-intensity ultraviolet lights that attract all flying Bisky insects to the device. The worms then connect to a very strong, highly charged electrically charged metal mesh, killing them instantly. Kills an infinite amount of insects. Get rid of all insects and flying bugs! Five steps for ease of use: 

1. Prepare an insect killer, or on a hard surface, by attaching a chain attached to a hook at the top of the unit. 

2. For best performance, raise the unit to about 1.8m (6 feet) and cover about 50 degrees. 

3. Plug the components into the socket and turn on the device. It should be work, suitable for the local market or some retailer. 

4. A removable and washable plastic tray in the bottom of the unit to collect any dead insects when they fall. 

5. When the tray gets dirty, turn off the appliance, remove the tray, move the bugs in the trash, wash and dry them if necessary. Self-cleaning electrical grid. You will only need to clean the tray. Washable empty trays for dead insects. After disconnecting the current, replace the UV bulb with the device layer open and leave it for at least 2 to 3 hours. * Please take extra precautions when replacing tubes, make sure to disconnect the device and wait a few hours for electrical currents. Warm Tips: ♥ Always unplug the unit before handling it. ♥ Never operate the unit in wet conditions. Always stay away from your children. Do not touch the lamp until it cools down. Technical specifications: Voltage: 110-120V Frequency: 60Hz Total power: 20W Material: Metal body: 1 x Electric insect killer 1 x Hanging chain 1 x Your user manual New electric stun today and make sure that every day is error free is being

Best insect killer on amazon India.

Electric bug zapper

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Electric bug zapper racket

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Electric Insect Killer Indus Smart Frog 102 (Suction Trap)

Best insect killer on amazon India.

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