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  Different people have different preferences for pillows. Some wish to sleep on a thicker pillow, some with a really thin one and a few even without it. But we took up the challenge of making the simplest pillows online in India that might suit all such requirements. The best pillow for sleeping is a cloud-like pillow made with the best materials for that fluffy yet supporting feel. Emulate down pillows are good pillows (made from feathers of ducks and geese) to realize a cloud-like fluffy feeling while also providing adequate support to each quiet customer and at a reasonable price point.

Research shows that hollow fiber has the properties of being light, breathable, and.  Besides the bonus of high longevity, given its inherent robust internal structure. We then found the perfect fabric for the outer covering - something that might breathe well, absorb moisture, and be soft to the touch and feel against your cheek and neck. Some benefits from the materials we've used are:

Breathable pillow

Breathable: The 'hollow' means the space between the fibers makes the Wakefit pillow one among the foremost breathable pillows, compared to those with alternative synthetic or cotton fill
Support: Pillows made up of hollow fibers are extremely comfortable and are ready to provide consistent support levels across the length of the whole pillow
The durability of the pillow: Pillows should be durable, resilient, and supply air circulation, which prevents lumps from forming like in cotton pillows

Cool in temprature

Cool pillow: Hollow fiber is super soft and allows air and moisture through easily, lowering the temperature and keeping you cool as you sleep
While the hollow fiber filling provides the advantage of taking your neck and aligning the spine, the material provides the perfect surface for your skin. Together, they lend that cloud-like feeling. Head within the clouds, literally.




best pillows in India


METRON Firm Supportive Bed Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux for Sleeping Helps in Heartburn Leg Elevation Post Surgery| XL- 28 x 24 x 8


 Optimal Firm Supportive & Elevation: This Inclined shape wedge pillow helps you to sleep elevated in order that while sleeping HEARTBURN, ACID REFLUX or GERD doesn't come in nose and mouth through the food pipe. It also helps you with breathing. If your snoring is thanks to postural reasons, then it helps you in reducing snoring.
 Multi-purpose uses: you'll use it as back support stay up pillow for watching TV’s Reading books. you'll use it as a laptop support pillow while working. If you spend some time browsing mobile in bed before sleeping it reduces strains on our eyes and also reduces strain in your (neck) cervical bone.
 Helpful for all Ages and Genders: Especially senior citizens, the person having post surgeries. Very helpful for expected mothers (pregnant ladies).Young people having excess workload in life.
 Reduce varicose leg pains: you'll keep your legs above it in order that they will elevate while you're lying on the bed. By keeping the leg elevated blood flow in veins starts circulating smoothly which reduces leg pains and keeps our body more relaxed.
 Material, Size & Cover: made up of Pure High Density PU Foam (Medical Grade Sponge) is firm support. thanks to its high-density firmness it keeps you elevated and doesn’t allow you to sink it. By using your existing pillow above it you elevate the specified angle as per the extent of your medical problem. Its full size helps our (28” width shoulders to rest completely) and 24” depth supports head properly.8” height is extremely optimal height in order that you'll sleep comfortably without slipping. The outer c

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