Best Mexican food near me in Atlanta


Best Mexican food near me in Atlanta

Mexican food is trendy in the USA, and it's readily available all together in the main cities. Many visitors want to know best Mexican food mear me. 


When you want to form an impact, visit Rosa Mexicano or Uncle Julio's Casa Grande. These have stellar decor, and therefore, the food is top-notch also. 

Want a cool ambiance also as terrific food and drinks? Then visit to Raging Burrito or Holy Taco. Not only do they need outstanding food, but their patios are in high demand also. 

If under the budget yet authentic Mexican food is what you're searching for, we have got you covered. Once you visit Taqueria Los Hermanos, La Fonda Latina, or El Taco Veloz, you will be bound to find that at any of those restaurants, all with locations around the Atlant area. 

Do you love Mexican food? We dedicate ourselves to finding the simplest places to enjoy Mexican cuisine in Atlanta. We've diligently scouted out the highest eateries. 


Some areas get great buzz, like Alam Cocina, and have proven themselves over time, like Nuevo Laredo. We also mean good neighborhoods for Mexican restaurants within the Atlanta - Midtown area, as an example. When the craving hits, we'll confirm you get your fix!


Nuevo Laredo CantinaPhoto courtesy of Atlanta Restaurant Blog

The salsa at Nuevo Laredo is outstanding. For entrees, a secure bet is that the shrimp enchiladas and the chicken with mole sauce. Fish dishes also available, like fish tacos. 


One thing special about these fish tacos is made with Salmon rather than Tilapia like many other restaurants that provide fish tacos. The service is usually speedy and efficient, a bit like the bulk of Mexican restaurants around the Atlanta area. 


Parking is often tricky to seek out. At the same time, they need a free lot across the road. 

She recommended Mexican because This beautiful small converted house during a mostly industrialized area churns out phenomenal food to a packed crowd.

Local Expert tip: Waits are often lengthy even on weeknights so plan accordingly.



This is a spot that's truly authentic Mexican. From everything from the handcrafted corn tortillas to the delicious green sauce.


 It's challenging to travel wrong with any menu choice at Taqueria El Rey Del Taco. For tacos, confirm to order the chorizo taco or the pastor (pork) taco. 


Although most believe tacos and burritos when thinking Mexican, their tortas are quite delicious too. Order the chicken torta, and you will not be disappointed.

They are recommended for Mexican because of Pretty decor and great food presentation with tasty drinks else. They have their in house tortillas.

Local Expert tip: Fast, cheap tacos and burritos open late.



Raging BurritoPhoto courtesy of Raging Burrito

Raging Burrito has been an area favorite in Decatur for years. Other than fantastic Mexican food, there are many craft beers on tap. 


They even have amazing drinks also. A favorite dish is the Baja fish tacos should not miss. They provide unique choices, just like the Tokyo Teriyaki Bangkok and pineapple jerk.

Their lovely patio is in demand during optimal weather. If you'd sort of a sampling of the most straightforward meats, then order tacos. 


Burritos are often customized with a choice of meat, vegetables, and fillers. Parking are often challenging to seek out but check on a number of the nearby side streets.

It is recommended for Mexican because of Top Mexican food, drinks, beer, and a killer patio.

Local Expert tip: they need an amazing Pineapple salsa.



Craving full-flavored Mexican food at more-than-fair prices? El Taco Veloz knows just what you would like . The place is nothing to seem at, but don't let that deter you – taste and satisfaction are ample rewards for your determination. 

Flour corn tacos are as homey and delicious as you'd imagine, and large burritos make folks sigh with delight. 


Along side standard offerings, you'll try selections like tongue or the even more exotic barbacoa (slow-cooked beef headmeat). do not Instead of spice things up with their potent and zesty salsas. 


Recommended for Mexican because: This place is reasonable yet offers authentic mexican foods at very affordable prices.

Local Expert tip: they need several locations around Atlanta, so there's probably one in your neighborhood.



Taqueria Los HermanosPhoto courtesy of Atlanta Restaurant Blog

This is alittle chain restaurant with four locations, mostly located within the northeast a part of the metro Atlanta area. Although this is often a no frills spot, the food is on point.


Diners are ready to get in and out quickly, so it's a terrific spot to go to during a weekday lunch. The tamales and testy shrimp chowder are great. Regulars quite enjoy the brisket whether with food in tamales or tacos. it's an error to go away here without trying the pork. 


Cand have the pastor (pork) taco with pineapple mixed in. Skip sangria for beer, of which they need a surprisingly good choice. 

Recommended for Mexican because: They are comaritivelt Cheaper and yet authentic Mexican food served during a jiffy!

Local Expert tip: albeit it's a sequence , all rate consistently highly.



El MyrPhoto courtesy of Elmyr

El Myr has reached almost mythological status in Little Five Points together of the foremost lively and reliable sources for Mexican cuisine.


This endearingly-seedy establishment emphasizes famous for creative takes on traditional Mexican dishes, just like the potato, corn and ripe olive burrito or the Pad Thai burrito, also as strong drinks. 


The tequila selection is delightfully mind-boggling: just name a drink, and therefore the bartenders are bound to be ready to mix it. Prices for food are incredibly inexpensive and therefore the prices for beer is inexpensive also . they are doing many remove orders if you do not want to eat there.


Recommended for Mexican because: they need fresh guac and salsa also as unique, yet affordable food.

Local Expert tip: El Myr is usually open late night on weekends until 2:30 am.



Holy TacoPhoto courtesy of Holy Taco

Perfect for adventurous eaters and people that aren't so adventurous, Holy Taco features a broad range of food and is additionally an excellent people watching spot.


 it's casual and seems to be a hybrid of yank Mexican and traditional Mexican foods. Menu highlights include the chilaquiles, posole, and roasted corn on the cob. For tacos, some favorites are the brisket, except for the adventurous there are chicken hearts and tongue tacos also . 


The menu cahges according to season. And thethe organic margaritas are always on the menu. take care as they will creep up on you.


Recommended for Mexican because: This is famous in East Atlanta, features chicken hearts and tongue for adventurous foody and more standard fare for non-adventurous customers.

Local Expert tip: Wednesday nights arrange two for one appetizers at the bar.



ZapataPhoto courtesy of Atlanta Restaurant Blog

Great mexican restaurant located in downtown Norcross. instead of tacos and burritos, they serve authentic Mexican food. Expect to seek out on the menu items like, Crepes Cholula, Chilaquiles, Pepito and Enchiladas Verdes and de Mole. 


Also try the dish like Molcajetes which has chicken, cheese, beef, shrimp, peppers and onions in it. The dish is served up hot wit the strips of meat hanging off the side. there's many parking round the area and it's lovely to spend time walking around all the stores within the surrounding area arownd dining at Zapata. Prices are also reasonable.


Recommended for Mexican because: This latin style restaurant is widely fashionable Atlantans for his or her authentic latin food, quick serving and cheap prices.

Local Expert tip: Get the Molcajetes

Read more about Zapata →



Alma CocinaPhoto courtesy of Atlanta Restaurant Blog

Located downtown, Alma is fashionable visitors and locals. a brief walk from many of the downtown hot spots, the atmosphere in Alma is dim and comfy . 


Servers are pleasant, knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. The menu is split into categories of appetizers, ceviches, soups / salads, plates, taquitos, Huaraches, sides, desserts. Try one among their signature guacamoles, ceviches and sopas to start out .


The goat may be a delicious and will not be missed. Huaraches crisp corn masas with different toppings and they are great for sharing. Besides the goat, shrimp. is sort of tasty too. The addition serving of potatoes and green beans round out a meal nicely.

Recommended for Mexican because: it's consistently tasty Mexican fare and was recently picked together of the highest 10 Mexican restaurants in USA Today.

Best Mexican food near me in Atlanta. Local Expert tip: you'll eat rather inexpensively if you stick with the appetizers.

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