Best Portable fabric shaver lint remover


 Fabric Shaver, Lint Remover for Woolen Sweaters, Blankets, Jackets/Burr Remover Pill Remover from Carpets, Curtains (White) 

Philips GC026/30


 About this item

 Easily remove fabric fluff, fuzz, bobbles, pills, burr or roye from all kinds of clothes and fabrics
 Helps to Restores the finishing of your clothes and fabrics to a fresh New Look
 Up to 8800 rounds/min blade rotation for best of and effective removal-Suitable for all garments
 3 sizes of holes within the mesh to tackle all sizes of pills
 Warranty: 2 years on product
 Includes: 1 Fabric Shaver and 2 x AA batteries and Cleaning Brush
 Large blade surface for covering an outsized area directly

 push on and gently move it across the material to get rid of all the unwanted pills, burr or roye.
 Fabric Shaver,Clothes Shavers, Blankets, Pill Remover for Woolen Sweaters, , Jackets,Burr remover,Roye shaver,Pill remover from Carpets, Curtains
 Effective and quick pill removal

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